Singing in English

Singing in english – Musikexpedition auf englisch

Gather ‘round for some musical fun!

Through combining movement and song your child will better grasp English – singing in english! We will have fun not only by playing musical games, but by learning through all the senses! We will use instruments, dancing, singing, counting, puppets and toys all to learn music and English at the same time. (please follow this link)

American teacher Jackie attended music college in the US and Germany but is also certified to teach English as a foreign language, so she will be sure to engage the students and know how to help them reach their musical and language goals. Of course the aim is to learn while having a blast in a supportive and friendly atmosphere!

englische Früherziehungs-Gruppe

Singing in english for Kids „discover music!“

Course goals:

  • lay a foundation for music lessons
  • deepen understanding of rhythm, tone, pitch, and dynamics
  • introduction of varying instruments from all families
  • stabilize basic knowledge of English alphabet and numbers
  • create a love and joy in second languages and music
  • Exploring motivational and frustration tolerance and stamina on different instruments
  • Sensitization of the motor apparatus and hearing
  • Explore personal potential, abilities and skills

Course structure:

  • class begins and ends with a greeting and goodbye song
  • uses American folksongs to teach children vocabulary and story comprehension
  • movement to certain songs aids in comprehension
  • dance and games add a fun and interactive atmosphere

Children aged 3 to 5
Course starts up to five children
Tuesdays from 5:00 to 5:45 pm (our schedule of Classes)
Price: 35€/ month


The TonARTe „TamTamKids singing in English classes“ deal even more intensively with the skills, potentials and motivation of the musical individual , the better it is possible to create an informal, but nevertheless willing-to-learn environment in the classroom, the easier it will be for the early music educator to assess her child for eventual later instrument selection.

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